NFL and NFLPA are at it again; 2011 NFL Lockout sequel

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Like most sequels to a movie, the second one is rarely better than the original.  This is what seems to be the case for the NFL and National Football League Players Association.

Last year at about this time, football fans awoke everyday to the hope that a lockout because of the expired Collective Bargaining Agreement would be averted and that teams would carry on as normal during the off-season.

Instead, we were treated to scenes of players in suits, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith streaming in to endless meetings that went nowhere from March 11, 2011-July 25, 2011.

Players that were drafted in April 2011 were lucky to be able to visit their new team facilities for only a few hours and Goodell was booed on several occasions during the event.

During the lockout, both the NFL and NFLPA threw blame at each other over who was causing the problems in trying to end the lockout and “get back to football.”

In the end, it took New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to be the main bridge between the two.  All while, his wife was dying and then died of cancer during the negotiations.  A sacrifice that made the NFL and NFLPA hang their heads in shame or should have.