New Orleans Saints players involved in “Bounty” scandal will get legal counsel


In a bit of breaking news released by WAFB News in Baton Rouge, they are reporting that sources told the Associated Press that the NFLPA has retained legal counsel for New Orleans Saints players involved in the “Bounty” investigation because of possible criminal charges.

The NFLPA are said to have advised the players that possible criminal charges could be placed on those named in the investigation and legal counsel should be present along with a union representative when they are interviewed.

What charges could be filed on the players is unknown, but one possible is at least battery.  However, that would seem hard to prove since the game is a contact sport.

The NFLPA has recently said that they want to personally review the supposed evidence collected by NFL security and investigators.

At this time the only known player that has been named is linebacker Jonathan Vilma.  Former Saints defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove was also reported as having been questioned in the past and he denied that there was a “bounty” program.

It looks like the the huge ball of yarn continues to unwind slowly, but look for the NFL to start expedite things to get to the last thread.