How “understanding” is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell towards New Orleans Saints fans?

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Goodell should have a majority ruling power, but a committee should be in place for a vote or proposal that includes others input on matters, like with the Saints.

It’s not so far out to say that Saints fans wouldn’t have been more understanding if a panel including Goodell had voted on the punishment for the team.

Maybe not happy, but more satisfied that there were others involved with the process.

Instead Goodell has taken the stance of ,”You’re going to just have to trust me”, in the matter.

While I think that a punishment were justified and due in these findings, Goodell is the one who solely thought of them and not a majority.

While some coaches and owners at first were expressing shock, they all quickly began to read from the same cue card when interviewed that Goodell was “fair” and that this needed to happen for the good of the NFL.

This was likely more of a “please be my friend” approach as not to incur the wrath of the all-seeing eye of Goodell.

He may claim to “understand” the frustration of the Saints fans, but it’s doubtful.