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How “understanding” is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell towards New Orleans Saints fans?

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That is an issue not only with players but with fans as well.  Does Goodell have too much power or say-so in these matters?  Should it be just him that has final ruling?

In my opinion, no to all.  Readers can think that I’m being a “homer” or not being objective if they wish, but I’ve felt this way before the “bounty” scandal.

For example, when the concussion issue was brought forth, I agreed with the way Goodell wanted to improve player safety.

However, they way it was handled left too much speculation as to what was acceptable tackle/hit and what was not.

Although there were “rules” to what was a clean tackle/hit, some were in the grey area still.

In the end, it’s left up to Goodell to decide.  Like the “Free Parking” of the NFL, it’s his monopoly board and his rules.

The President of the United States even has to abide by the checks and balance sytem in government, so why not the NFL?  Is it so inconceivable?