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How “understanding” is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell towards New Orleans Saints fans?

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This leaves the Saints in a crunch since Payton begins his suspension on Sunday, and an interim head coach has yet to be named.

Also the NFL Draft is less than a month away and preparations are still underway.

It’s being reported by NFL.com that Payton will appeal his suspension, but all appeals go directly through Goodell., and he has promised to “expedite” the process.

That of course would impley he has his mind made up already, but Payton’s motives for appeal could extend well beyond just attempting a reductions of his suspension.

Goodell stated he might allow Payton a stay of execution during the appeal, and allow him to continue to coach.

Yet, I forsee the expedited process giving Payton barely a week at best.

Goodell also hasn’t given out punishments for players that were involved either, which is also angering fans.

If Goodell knows what he’s going to do, then why not just do it so the Saints can prepare for these potential suspensions?

It was clear by Payton’s reaction to his suspension that he had no idea what Goodell was planning even though they had met at least twice prior in New York.

It’s “understood” that Goodell was going to do his own “Ambush” with the Saints.