How “understanding” is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell towards New Orleans Saints fans?

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The attempt to find a interim head coach is at a standstill.  Payton has reached out to his friend and mentor Bill Parcells to be a possible replacement, but it’s unclear if that will happen.

Parcells hinted he would if asked by Payton, but that decision rests with owner Tom Benson.

Even if that get approval from Benson, the Saints will have to follow the “Rooney Rule” and interview at least one minority candidate for the job.

That in itself would take some time to find a minority candidate that would seriously interview since they would figure what’s the point in interviewing if they wouldn’t get hired anyway.

An in-house search is also difficult since Payton expressed he doesn’t want to add to the responsibility of being a head coach and taking care of their other duties as well with the team.

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, and offensive line Aaron Kromer would be the choices.

Yet all three have expressed that they would rather focus on their current positions without also being a head coach.

That certainly stands true for Spagnuolo, who is currently working to improve the Saints defense while installing his scheme before the start of the season.