How “understanding” is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell towards New Orleans Saints fans?

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently said that he “understands” that New Orleans Saints fans are frustrated at the suspensions that he handed down recently concerning the “pay for performance” scandal.  How true is this though?

Goodell knows that Saints fans are angry and lashing out at him, but asks for them to put things in perspective for the good of the NFL and it’s players.  Goodell stated that:

"Listen, I understand the frustration of the Saints fans, and I have great respect for them.  I clearly understand that frustration, but everyone has to understand that there are 32 teams, and everybody is going to operate by the same rules.  If we don’t do that, the integrity of the game, and what fans love about the game, will be impacted negatively, and that’s my responsibility."

Even after this statement, Goodell was still blasted by Saints fans because they claimed that other clubs were using the same “pay for performance” system the NFL claimed to have found the Saints using.

Fans were even more outraged when Goodell made the statement that he was not aware of any other teams using the same system, although other players did come out and say it was a common occurrence.

Many fans felt like the Saints were being singled out to be a sacrificial lamb in regards to the punishment handed down by Goodell.

With head coach Sean Payton suspended for the entire year, what direction is the season headed?