New Orleans Saints will play against some familiar faces this season

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A third former Saints player that will return to New Orleans is wide receiver Robert Meachem.  Meachem signed with the San Diego Chargers less than a few hours into free agency.

The Saints will get to see alot of him during their home game against the Chargers.  Meachem was signed with the intent of him being their number one receiver after wide receiver Vincent Jackson signed with the Buccaneers.

A fourth free agent the Saints will play against will be former cornerback Tracy Porter.  Porter signed with the Denver Broncos just recently after languishing in free agency for a bit.

Ironically, Porter will be helping Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning try to win a championship after ruining his chances at one two years ago.

Porter intercepted Manning in Super Bowl XLIV and returned it 74 yards for a touchdown and helped secure a victory and a world championship for the Saints.  The Saints will play the Broncos in Denver this season.