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New Orleans Saints will play against some familiar faces this season

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NFL players routinely say that they have certain games circled on their calender each year.  For the New Orleans Saints, this will be true for the upcoming season has they face some former teammates.

Just a few years ago, it pained many fans to see former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita in a Cleveland Browns uniform.  It pained them even worse when he sacked quarterback Drew Brees and then intercepted him on another play.

After the game, it was revealed that the Browns were hyping him up all week for this game and then afterwards gave him a game ball for his efforts against his former team.

Last season former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey, who had signed with the Carolina Panthers, gave even some of his most die-hard fans a reason to frown.

Not really for his performance on the field, but for his actions on the sideline.  In a home game for the Panthers, Shockey could be seen running and giving the defensive coordinator clues to the Saints offense and throwing obscene gestures towards the Saints sideline.

Also last season, former Saints center Jonathan Goodwin who signed with the San Francisco 49ers faced off against his former team in preseason and in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.  Goodwin and other former teammates will again face the Saints they once played for.