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New Orleans Saints: Sean Payton debating appeal of year long suspension


Today news  broke that Sean Payton has been in contact with former NFL head coach Bill Parcells about the possibility of him joining the Saints as the interim head coach for the 2012 season.

The two plan to meet in Florida tomorrow in an effort to “iron out” the potential details of such an endeavor, but just how interested Parcells actually may be in returning to the coaching ranks is still unknown.

For that matter no one truly knows how interested the Saints brass are — with exception to Payton — in bringing someone in from the outside to run the team.

But none of this would even be up for debate if Sean Payton wasn’t facing a year long suspension, the penalty for Gregg Williams “bounty” program.

However Payton is currently contemplating appealing the NFL’s ruling on the suspension to potentially have it reduced to a more tolerable level.

That raises a serious question — is it worth it for Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis, and assistant head coach Joe Vitt to even fight the matter?

Likely, no, considering the seriousness of the allegations and that all “guilty” parties have already apologized for the scandal while accepting “full responsibility” for the program

The fact remains that Commissioner Roger Goodell would be over seeing their appeals, and also solely responsible for the decision to lessen the potential suspensions.

That certainly doesn’t seem likely as Goodell was reported to be extremely upset with the Saints and their perceived attempt to hide the truth from investigators after the 2009 season.

The best thing to do maybe just to hunker down and get through it with a smile.