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Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis made good choice to attend NFL owners meeting

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The talents of a general manager like Loomis are invaluable not only during the offseason and free agency, but during the regular season as well.  Loomis is constantly thinking of next season just as a new one begins.

Their appearance could also factor in if either one wanted to file an appeal with the NFL over the suspensions.  All appeals on suspensions by the league go through Commissioner Roger Goodell who has final say.

While I don’t see it happening, Payton could make a genuine effort to parlay an apology and speak on the “pay for performance” in hopes of winning over Goodell.  Not to fake anything, but to be sincere about the issue.

While it may not sway Goodell, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.  At this time, it’s unknown if either Payton or Loomis will appeal the suspensions.  They are expected to arrive later this evening since the actual meetings don’t start until tomorrow.