Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis made good choice to attend NFL owners meeting

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The NFL is encouraging both Payton and Loomis to speak at the different meetings this week.  While it might not be high on their list, this is something that they should really put some effort into.

While the entire Saints organization and fans are ready to move on, Payton could give some good perspective from the standpoint of a head coach in this matter.

Payton could educate all NFL coaches and owners on the importance of maintaining an open communication with each other and that owners should take an active hand in checking in with their staff.  Not Jerry Jones intrusive, but you see where I’m going.

Owners and coaches could see just how crippling it is to not only have the mark on your club but to lose your head coach for a year.  Although the Saints were going to have Joe Vitt step in for Payton, he’ll also be suspended for four games.

While Loomis won’t be calling plays on the field, he could speak along the same lines on the importance of the general manager keeping a close eye on all aspects of a franchise.