New Orleans Saints fans embrace “bounty hunter” label

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Analysts and reporters have tried to explain to enraged fans that it wasn’t so much the “pay for performance” but the attempted cover-up that followed.  Notice the word “tried” in there.

Who Dats are having none of it and are embracing the “bounty hunter” label that has been given to them by the mainstream media.  How could this be you may ask?

Saints fans are used to being ridiculed and scorned over the years, so this isn’t new territory.  Who do you think started the “Bag Heads” and the “Aints” label?  Other people?  Not hardly, it was their own idea.

Louisianians have always had a carefree attitude towards bad situations and it comes as no surprise that Who Dats are trying to make the best of a bad situation as they’ve done for years.  How does everyone think we got gumbo and jambalaya?

Saints fans figure that if they’re going to be ridiculed by the media and fans of other teams, then they’ll make sure that they act accordingly with a “Yeah, you right” attitude.