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New Orleans Saints fans embrace “bounty hunter” label

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You would think that disdain and disgust would be sweeping the fan base for the New Orleans Saints over the “pay for performance” scandal currently cutting through the franchise.  Leave it to Who Dat Nation to do the complete opposite.

While fans have said that they don’t agree with going out with the intention of ending the career of a player with a vicious hit, they say that big hits are a part of football.

Calls have flooded numerous radio stations with fans angry that they feel the Saints are being singled out by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell and it’s a huge conspiracy to ruin New Orleans hosting the upcoming Super Bowl.

Who Dats were looking forward to being the first team in history to not only host a Super Bowl, but to also have “homefield advantage” and see their Saints play in the game as well.

The only problem is that the NFL has thousands of documents and numerous interviews that backup the finding in the investigation.  The most damaging being that head coach Sean Payton mislead investigators from the NFL.

Payton himself released a statement yesterday apologizing for the incident.  His apology not only to the Saints but to the loyal fans as well.  Even after this, they still rallied around Payton and the organization.