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New Orleans Saints players that could be suspended; impact on season

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Players that are currently not with any team the past season or two include defensive end Bobby McCray, and defensive end Alex Brown.  If they were found in violation and received a suspension, it would make a return to the NFL that much harder.

Defensive tackles Remi Ayodele(Minnesota Vikings) and Anthony Hargrove(Seattle Seahawks) have both been released from their teams, but were also with the Saints for two years of the investigation.  A suspension for them would derail chances of signing with another team as well.

While rumors are that the punishments for players will come soon, there is no definite timetable given.  This only makes it that much harder for the Saints to gameplan on what the next move will be.

Goodell could choose to either suspend players all at once or to stagger the suspensions.  For the Saints, that would be the best outcome for this situation, especially involving defensive leaders.

The loss of players that are starters like Vilma, Smith, Jenkins, Harper, Greer, and Ellis could put a serious dent in the roster.  With some of the teams the Saints will be facing this year, suspensions would be disastrous if not staggered.