New Orleans Saints players that could be suspended; impact on season

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Other players that have left the team are also possible candidates for suspensions and/or fines.  One player that has admitted to paying players for “big plays” is former Saints and current Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita.

Fujita admitted after the investigation started that he had payed fellow players for their good performances during games but stated that he didn’t do it through a “player pool”.  Instead he said he would just pay them personally.

While this won’t hinder the Saints if Fujita is suspended, it won’t do him a great service.  Fujita has been injured the past two seasons with the Browns and hasn’t played a full season in two years.

Since Fujita was seen as one of the defensive leaders when he was with the Saints, he could face a harsh penalty if found in violation and could put his playing days with the Browns in serious jeopardy.

Also a former Saint and playing for the Browns is safety Usama Young.  Young not only played as a backup safety, but was also used on special teams as well.  He was on the Saints roster during the initial investigation.