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New Orleans Saints linebacker Vilma keeps sense of humor amidst hard times

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A person with the Twitter name @WolverineInABag engaged Vilma in a somewhat back and forth about Vilma and his stance on the matter.  Earlier today Vilma quoted a tweet from @420snapper that read:

"“@420snapper: cant wait for u n ur scumbag teammates to get suspnded and fined.  Hopefully cut”(Vilma response on same tweet)cnt wait for u to have more than 6 followers"

“Mr. Wolverine” didn’t send that tweet but he decided to respond to Vima with this:

"(@WolverineInABag)  @JonVilma51  I’ve got more than 6 followers, and I think what you did was a disgrace to the game.  What should I tell my son about this?"

The response from Vilma drew praise from fans and Shanle which was:

"(@JonVilma51)  @WolverineInABag  that there is no Santa Claus"

Shanle reponded to both with a simple,”…this just made my day!”