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New Orleans Saints linebacker Vilma keeps sense of humor amidst hard times

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Vilma received instant hate mail from the throng of Viking fans who chastised him and hoped that he would receive a life-long ban from the NFL and have his championship stripped from him.

He responded with a move that shocked some and drew applause from his fans.  Vilma changed his profile picture to the cover of a recent issue of Sports Illustrated.

The picture features Vilma hunched down ready to attack with his eyes glaring across the line of scrimmage.  The cover title hovers ominously over him with just two words:  “Bounty Culture”.

While some players may try to shy away or hide from such allegations and rampant rumors of involvement, Vilma embraces it with no excuses.

A recent Twitter battle between Vilma and another individual has not only gotten the attention of fans, but also fellow linebacker Scott Shanle on the social media network.