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New Orleans Saints linebacker Vilma keeps sense of humor amidst hard times

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While New Orleans Saints fans are stressing out over the recent suspensions and impending doom of the “pay for performance” investigations, linebacker Jonathan Vilma isn’t letting much get to him.

Vilma is at the front of the investigation as far as the players go.  He is accused of being one of the main players that offered up large sums of money for what the NFL is calling “bounties” on opposing quarterbacks.

Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and Kurt Warner are some of the names revealed along with Brett Farve who the report says Vilma himself would give $10,000 to a player who took him out during the 2010 NFC Championship game.

Vilma isn’t letting the thought of a possible suspension of the league get to him, nor is he letting the speculation that the Saints might possibly release him damper his mood.

He has remained laid back through the entire ordeal and has shown that the recent troubles surrounding him and the Saints isn’t going change his personality.

Vilma hasn’t spoken to the media or press to express himself.  Instead, like actor Charlie Sheen, he has taken to his Twitter account to show what exactly he feels about the investigation and people tweeting ill words at him.