New Orleans Saints fans directing their anger, but in the right direction?

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The spotlight has been tried to be directed at the other 31 teams with the outcry that the “pay for performance” has happened for years by all teams and that they should be investigated as well.

It reminds me of someone who’s stopped for speeding and as the police officer is writing the ticket, the driver tries to point out other passing cars that are speeding as well and says, “Look!  They’re doing it too!”  True, but you’re the one that got caught.

But hopefully Saints fans will see the big picture and that it’s not just about “pay for performance” but the attempted cover-up by the staff and the disregard of notices to stop it.  That is what garnered the suspensions for Payton and the others.

According to reports by the NFL, Payton and the others failed to cease the “pay for performance” system even after being warned to do so and then attempted to deceive investigators.

When investigators attempted to to go and interview Saints staff, the report quoted Payton as telling them that they need to “get your ducks in a row.”