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New Orleans Saints fans directing their anger, but in the right direction?

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When the bombshell dropped yesterday on the punishment that will be dished out to New Orleans Saints and some of its’ current and former staff, fans took to the airwaves and social media to express their outrage.

Anger that such stiff discipline was given to head coach Sean Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis, linebacker/asst. coach Joe Vitt, and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was unprecedented.

Payton will be suspended for a year without pay starting April 1, Loomis will be suspended for eight games without pay, Vitt for six games without pay plus a $100,000 fine, and Williams got the ultimate with an indefinite suspension from the NFL.

On top of that the club itself has been fined $500,00 and was stripped of two draft picks.  The Saints will lose their second round pick for the upcoming NFL Draft and their second round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Fans tweeted their searing hatred for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with words from most that can’t be printed in this article.  Claims that Goodell had it out for the Saints and that he was deliberately trying to hurt the franchise were rampant.

While Goodell is an easy target for Who Dat Nation, the bulls-eye might need to be aimed elsewhere in this investigation.  And no, that’s not referring to the “snitch” that people are desperate to find out about, which we’ll touch on in a bit.