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New Orleans Saints need a change in their linebacker corps

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While these changes may seem extreme and surely anger Vilma fans, something needs to happen at the linebacker position for the Saints to be a constant threat in Spagnuolo’s system.

Assuming the Saints can manage the cap space, they need to sign not only Lofton, but Hawthorne as well.  This could have the current linebacker corps with Lofton at middle linebacker, Dunbar or Wilson at strongside linebacker, and Hawthorne at weakside linebacker.

If the Saints are looking for a change then the time is now.  If the choice comes down to only signing one linebacker, the vote will swing towards Lofton unless he will want more than the Saints can offer.

Should Lofton ask for too much, Hawthorne would then be the most likely candidate to be a fresh face on the defense and bring a new attitude to the position for the Saints as well.