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Carl Nicks likely gone from Saints; guard Ben Grubbs new target

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Listening to local analysts today and early this morning, guard Carl Nicks “respectable” offer he received from the New Orleans Saints may not be enough to keep him as he visits with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Saints fans rejoiced as Nicks reported on his Twitter account that the team had made the offer to him in order to retain the Pro Bowl guard.  When news broke that wide receiver Marques Colston had re-signed with the team, the feeling was that Nicks wouldn’t be far behind.

Then the errie silence about the status of Nicks turned to complete shock as news came in the he was being courted by the Saints division rivals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fans have been pleading with Nicks on Twitter expressing panic and anger that he would even consider not only leaving the team, but sign with a division rival.  Hope remained though until it was also reported that the Saints would host a visit with Baltimore Ravens guard Ben Grubbs.

Local analysts like WWL Sports Mike Detillier seem to think that this is a sign that Nicks will likely be gone and Grubbs is being brought in to take his place.  In fact, Detillier made some interesting observations.

He said that a red flag for him was that Nicks has only the one visit lined up much like wide receiver Vincent Jackson did before he signed with the Buccaneers.  Detillier also had an interesting comment concerning a source he spoke with concerning Grubbs.