New Orleans Saints fans should relish free agency from last year

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The Saints of course have been handcuffed in the financial realm by not only the salary cap but also having to work out long-term contracts for quarterback Drew Brees, guard Carl Nicks, wide receiver Marques Colston, and their other free agents on the team.

With no agreement in site for the team, they franchise tagged Brees and appeared to be dragging their feet in even offering contracts to Nicks and Colston as Tuesday loomed near.

A glimmer of hope shined last night as reports that the Saints were working on deals for not only Colston, but Nicks as well.  Nicks in fact called the deal offered to him as “respectable.”  It wasn’t 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, but it would do for Saints fans.

While the magic of the numbers haven’t been revealed yet, fans don’t probably care at this point.  Hopefully in eight hours Nicks and Colston both will remain with the team and the the task of signing Brees to a long-term contract will begin.

Also, the re-signing of other free agents within the Saints will take place.  Sure, some will stay as others will put on another uniform.  This free agency unfortunately will not have the same tone of last year.