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New Orleans Saints guard Carl Nicks vocal about contract situation; receives fan support

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New Orleans Saints guard Carl Nicks is scheduled to become a free agent tomorrow afternoon unless the team is able to re-sign him to a long-term contract.  He isn’t hiding his feelings either when it comes to the matter.

While quarterback Drew Brees has been silent about his emotions regarding his contract situation, Nicks has not.  There was reports that Brees was “livid” about being franchised on Saturday but others are sayin that has been blown out of proportion.

Nicks though, has taken to Twitter and expressed his thoughts on what is going on.  He has even been counting down the days to when free agency starts with his most recent post about it being, “Two days!”

Nicks is also responding to a few critics on Twitter who think that he being childish or selfish about the issue.  He recently responded to one critic today concerning him only being concerned about money.

"all I’m saying is I worked so hard for this!..And for them not to even throw a number out there… It’s kinda a slap on the face!"

Nicks is referring to the Saints whom he says has only talked to his agent once during the off-season and haven’t called to even give him a first offer.  It’s thought that he is looking for at least a $9 million a year contract .

While Nicks said he is open to returning to the Saints, he wants to get paid what he feels is fair not only for him, but to take care of his family as well.  While there are a few critics, fan support has been mostly positive.