New Orleans Saints fans rally around team despite scandal; Brees contract dispute

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In fact, it seems that there are a good number of fans that have seemingly embraced the “bounty hunter” label.  Ideas being passed around include wearing T-shirts to Saints games with Boba Fett, the bounty hunter, from the Star Wars series on them.

All in all, support for the organization has been mostly positive from fans.  One negative I heard was some thought about canceling their season ticket orders or asking for refunds.

Earlier in the week, Gus Kattengell of  WIST 690 AM stated that a fan told him that he was calling the Saints to cancel his season tickets because of the current situations.

While some may be jumping ship, fans mostly aren’t buying into all the hype with the doom and gloom.  WWL Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic said he spoke with Brees and feel confident he’ll continue to be the quarterback.

It appears that Who Dat Nation is slowly embracing these rough times and are making the best of it.  They seem to know that coming together during these hardships only make the bond between the team and the fans that much stonger.