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New Orleans Saints fans rally around team despite scandal; Brees contract dispute

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Fans of the New Orleans Saints have for sure endured much in the franchise’s history and despite the recent findings of a “pay for performance” system coupled with quarterback Drew Brees contract dispute, Who Dat Nation is still holding together.

It hasn’t been easy though for fans of the Black and Gold.  Ever since news broke in the “pay for performance” scandal, they have been subjected to ongoing coverage of the team in the social media and T.V. networks.

The feel-good story of the once Bad News Bears of the NFL has turned into something that has rocked not just the team, but the entire NFL.  Current and former players are coming forward to discuss similar stories of  “pay for performance” systems from the past and present.

ESPN has been the most vocal of what should happen to the Saints.  First Take host Skip Bayless suggessted that the Saints Super Bowl win has been tainted.

Ashley Fox, an colomnist, wrote a blog on the site even suggesting that head coach Sean Payton should be fired for his role in the “pay for perfromance” scandal.

Fox is not alone as other colomnists and analysts in the sports world have suggested the same and similar notions with a select few even saying that the Saints should be stripped of their Super Bowl title.