Salary cap mystery an issue for the New Orleans Saints

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The Saints were reportedly $5 million apart on contract talks and the numbers are beginning to be seen now.  CBS Sports Larry Holder stated that the Saints offered Brees $18.5 million a season with a $30 million signing bonus.

Brees and his agent Tom Condon turned this offer down and Holder reported that they then asked for $23 million a year.  With the salary cap number still unofficial, it doesn’t help current negotiations.

People were screaming, “Pay the man!”, but it’s not that simple.  Towards the end of the season Brees said he would structure his contract to help retain as many players needed to win another championship.  But, as always is the case, business is business.

Granted Brees is a big part of the franchise and at the same time, general manager Mickey Loomis is also looking out for what it will limit the club in doing not just for now, but in the future.

If Brees and the Saints can get a concrete deal done before Tuesday, the possibility of Nicks staying could still happen.  He has expressed he would re-sign with the Saints but like Brees, he wants the right number.  Right now the Saints just want “a” number as to the salary cap.