Salary cap mystery an issue for the New Orleans Saints

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With free agency knocking on the door for next Tuesday, the New Orleans Saints don’t have to worry about losing quarterback Drew Brees.  But the unknown salary cap number for their club could cost them some valuable players.

Pro Football Talk reported late yesterday that that a source told them that teams are still unaware of what the actual salary cap numbers are for NFL teams.  In fact PFT stated that:

"As of March 3, the NFL and the union were “scrambling” to increase the number."

Fans were mystified that Brees and the Saints couldn’t come to terms on a contract before they eventually had to place the franchise tag on him Saturday afternoon.

The common theory, that ended up imploding, was that the Saints would be able to sign Brees, franchise tag guard Carl Nicks and then sign as many of their free agents left as they could.

Free agent wide receiver Marques Colston was the missing man in this equation since he was also wanting a large, long-term contract.  Hard as it is to accept losing anyone, Colston was considered the most likely to test free agency.

Speaking of equation, there are some other numbers that are very interesting.  Numbers that may explain why Brees hasn’t been signed and why the Saints still haven’t contacted Nicks.