New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees will get a long term deal

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The last thing the Saints want is their star quarterback holding out and becoming a distraction.

On the other hand, the last thing that Brees likely would do is hold out.

He should get a five-year contract due to his age, and his play could decline in the coming years, as could his health.

With likely only a good five years left in his career, why would Brees want to spend one of those holding out and not playing for a season?

If he did hold out, he could be on his way out of New Orleans via trade or through free agency next year if he requests.

Some NFL teams would definitely enjoy having him in their colors.

Brees wants to become the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, and also have a front loaded contract in case injury happens or his age does show, that’s fair.

However, the New Orleans Saints have already given Brees the opportunity to take a contract that was both fair to him and the team, a deal in which he turned down.

Last week, according to Saints correspondent Larry Holder of CBS Sports, Drew Brees turned down a contract prior to the 2011 season that would have made him the highest paid quarterback in the league.

Fox Sports also reported that the Saints offered Drew Brees more than the $18.5 million per season and Brees turned it down. The Saints also offered Brees a $30 million signing bonus.

Brees countered by asking for $23 million per season.