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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees will get a long term deal

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Last week, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees received the exclusive franchise tag after the two sides were unable to agree on a long term contract.

The exclusive franchise tag makes Brees property of the New Orleans Saints for the 2012 season, and no other teams is able to contact the Pro Bowl quarterback.

The number for the exclusive tag has yet to be determined due to the NFL not yet releasing the exact salary cap figure for the 2012 NFL season, but it is expected to be in the $15 million to $16 million range.

The non-exclusive version of the franchise tag is expected to carry a price tag of approximately $14.4 million.

The NFL will announce the salary cap tomorrow, or possibly as soon as the end of today.

The cap figure is expected to be around the $120 million mark as previously expected.

It’s important because it’s one of the key reasons a lot of teams such as the Saints have not made attempts to re-sign big name free agents.

Reports in media are that Drew Brees is “livid” about being franchised and he will not sign the tag, which would force the Saints to work out a deal or risk Brees holding out.

He has yet to confirm that statement publicly and the indication from his camp is that he remains optimistic about completing a long term deal by the July 16th deadline.

He also said in a text message directly that he is “keeping his comments between him and the New Orleans Saints.

Any statement about him being “livid” or “upset” is complete speculation on behalf of the media.