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Who Dat Got Caught Speeding? Da New Orleans Saints, Dats Who!

By Editorial Staff

Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens makes a lot of money.  He earns a lot of money  because he hits hard and hurts people. Lewis will play at this level with or without a “Bounty System”.

It’s OK for the TEAMS to reward this kind of aggressive play, but it’s not OK for the players to reward each other?

Does anyone really think that the bounty program is designed to actually mane other players and ruin their lives? I think not. It’s just the players way of competing against each other for bragging rights and a little extra cash.

Everyone speeds down the road. When the cop pulls you over, you always wonder why he didn’t pull over the guy going faster than you. Well it doesn’t matter. Everyone speeds, but you got caught. The Saints were just caught speeding.

It’s not a coincidence that this all came about when former NFL players starting suing the Saints (and other teams) over past injures.
This is all about money. Can you imagine what the NFL’s  insurance premiums would look like if they knew about a bounty program, and let it continue? Imagine the problems the league would have in court if they are trying to claim that they do “everything”  to protect the players from injury?

This whole thing is just business as usual for the NFL. If a team doesn’t want to suffer the fine, then they should refrain from speeding. But, of course, obeying the speed limit as everyone else races down the road means you finish last. No team wants to finish last, so they all speed.


The Saints defense was one of the leagues least penalized during the past three seasons.

On the hits that took out Brett Farve and Kurt Warner, there were no flags thrown, no fines levied and no ejections from the game.