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Latest on New Orleans Saints, Brees refusal, and Chase Daniel vs. Brian Brohm

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Quarterback Drew Brees and the Saints were unable to come to an agreement on a new long term contract before the NFL’s deadline to franchise tag key players.

Given the stalemate the Saints were left no choice but to place the restricted franchise tag on Brees last Saturday.

Brees, who broke Dan Marino’s single season passing yardage record last year and helped the Saints achieve their first Super Bowl win two seasons ago, was looking for a contract to become among one of the highest paid players in the league.

The Saints offered around $17 million a season, but Brees’ agent Tom Condon was seeking more money in the tune of $22 million a season.

Now reports say the Brees has refused to sign the franchise tag offer, and could hold out for a new deal if the team is unable get a contract in place by the league mandated date of July 15th.

There exists, no matter how slim the chance, that Drew Brees may not be available to the Saints once the start of the regular season rolls around on September 5th.

Then what?

It would seem that the Saints and Brees not being able to get a new deal done in the next four months would be a near impossibility, as he is clearly the main reason for the franchises recent success — beside a few good seasons here and there — can anyone remember the Saints being more successful without him?