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NFL Commissoner Roger Goodell needs due diligence before handing out punishment

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Though Goodell will want be swift, I could forsee this investigation going on into next season.  If Goodell wishes to do so, he might at the least issue a small sanction to the Saints and Williams with the possibility of more later.

From looking at it, this is not something that can be handled in a fast food manner.  Although the NFL says they have tens of thousands of documents they have reviewed, it appears they’ll have a few more to look at very soon.

Players like Sharper admitted getting money from a “pot” for plays like interceptions, fumbles, etc.  Yet he also said that there was no “bounty system” with the team either.  This will will turn the investigation into a “who’s telling the truth” situation.

By the time this investigation is complete, the Saints may not be the only team that is punished.  For right now though, they will remain the focus of what will no doubt set a precedent in rule changes and discipline in the NFL.