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NFL Commissoner Roger Goodell needs due diligence before handing out punishment

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Surely Goodell is wanting to make a statement and that is understandable.  As a parent, when your child does something wrong, you want to make sure you correct it so it doesn’t happen again.  But there is a flip-side to that coin as well.

Parents are also told to not punish their child in anger because of the potential to go overboard or extreme.  I’m not saying that the Saints are above the rules, just that all evidence should be taken into account.

For example, the sources that are accusing the Saints are most probably a former player(s) that may be disgruntled and are looking for revenge.  Almost like a jilted ex-employee of a company who wants to ruin it’s reputation in a last “take that”.

Also, with new evidence coming forth, there may be more teams and players that become involved.  If Goodell hands out a harsh punishment, it will have to be across the board.

ESPN is reporting that former Saints and current Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita is being mentioned as being allegedly involved in participation of the “pay for performance” violations and could be called in for questioning as well.