NFL Commissoner Roger Goodell needs due diligence before handing out punishment

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Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is playing his own “Six Degrees of Seperation” as now the NFL has decided to call him to NFL headquarters in New York to discuss his role in the “bounty system” with not only the Saints, but other teams as well.

Williams was the defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins from 2004-2007 and former Redskins safety Matt Bowen came out in a Chicago Tribune column saying Williams had a similar system in place there as well.

Then early Sunday, former Buffalo Bills safety Coy Wire came out to say that Williams employed the same system when he was head coach of the Bills from 2001-2003.  Wire said there was an environment of “malicous intent” to injure opposing players.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the NFL also questioned Williams about any involvement he had when he was the defensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans(1997-2000) and Jacksonville Jaguars(2008).

To top this, current and former players are coming forward saying that the “pay for performance” aspect has been and is currently being used.  Former Saints safety Darren Sharper stated this has been going on “since the beginning of time”.