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NFL Commissoner Roger Goodell needs due diligence before handing out punishment

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Seeing the reaction from fans of the New Orleans Saints, they are voicing that NFL Commissoner Roger Goodell should hurry up with the punishment for their alleged violations in the “Bounty Rule” to, as one put it, “get back to football”.  However, Saints fans need to be patient since this is becoming a more involved case.

When the announcement was made late Friday afternoon that the Saints had allegedly used a “bounty system” to go after opposing team’s players and quarterbacks, the witch hunt appeared to be on against the team.

Fans who complained that the Saints never got any press got their wish, but not in the way they wanted.  Goodell promised to hand out punishment and that this would not be tolerated in the NFL.

Punishment was described as being possible fines and suspensions for players and coaches, as well as a possible loss of draft picks for the the Saints this year and possibly next year.

Fox Sports analyst Jay Glazer reported that punishment could be handed out by March 25 when the league holds it’s annual meetings or within the next week or two.  Saints fans didn’t want a waiting game and are wanting Goodell to go ahead and give his decision.

However, the very next day the Saints were revealed to not be the only team with possible ties to the violation.  The allegations of breaking the NFL “Bounty Rule” by the Saints has become like peeling the layers back on an onion.