New Orleans Saints and NFL: Top News and Video Clips


"Judging by your comments, some of you are neither surprised nor particularly upset to learn that the New Orleans Saints had a bounty on then-Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC Championship Game. Over on our Facebook page, for example, Ace wrote: “Wait a second. Does anybody actually care that NFL players are actively trying to hurt each other? I thought that’s why we watch the game?”"

"“You have to be a punk to snitch that out,” Barkley said on “The Dan Patrick Show.” “That’s like giving a reporter an anonymous quote. That makes you a punk, if you do anonymous, but also, you don’t bring that out ‘X’ amount of years later. I mean, you don’t compete in it if you don’t want to be in it. But I’ve seen at least three or four well-known NFL players say all teams have bounties. So I’m glad they came to [former defensive coordinator] Gregg Williams’s defense. Because I’m pretty sure all teams have that.”"

"For several months now, I’ve been hearing from a lot of Atlanta Falcons fans that think the team should go hard after New Orleans Saints guard Carl Nicks in free agency.  My standard thinking on that was that I was against the move. Nicks is the best guard in the league and he’s going to cost big money. No doubt the Falcons could use some improved play at guard, but my thinking was conventional. As a general rule, you don’t pay guards huge money. But you do pay big money to left tackles and the Saints have a much bigger need there."

"NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora first reported the development earlier Monday. Avril has made it clear he didn’t want the tag used on him, telling the Detroit Free Press as much in February. Avril went so far as to hint that he might consider holding out if he were franchised."

"Running back Arian Foster has agreed with the Houston Texans on a five-year contract extension, according to a tweet posted by Foster’s agent on Monday. Foster’s deal is worth a maximum of $43.5 million with $20.75 guaranteed, NFL Network reporter Jason La Canfora reported, citing a team source. The deal includes a total of $18 million in base salary and bonuses in 2012 and is worth $30 million over the first three years."