Around the NFL: Three offensive players are turning Monday into payday


With today being the deadline to place the franchise tag on a player, there are three players that won’t have to worry about problem as they are signing multi-year contracts with their team.

Announced late last night, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has signed a contract for 4-years worth $31 million.  It’s reported that he’ll receive $18 million guaranteed.  If he hadn’t gotten a contract, he was the team’s target for the franchise tag.

Early this morning, it was reported that Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has also signed a multi-year deal with figures that haven’t been disclosed yet.  Known right now is it will be for 5 years.  Foster was also a candidate for his team’s franchise tag.

Also this morning, the Buffalo Bills have reportedly signed wide receiver Stevie Johnson to a 5 year $36.25 millon deal with $19.5 million guaranteed.  For New Orleans Saints fans, this doesn’t bode well for the team keeping wide receiver Marques Colston.

Like Johnson, Colston was a 7th round draft pick and both receivers have been extremely productive.  It’s likely that Colston will be wanting something in the same neighborhood which the Saints can’t afford.