Support from fans will be crucial for New Orleans Saints in the upcoming season

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But many are rallying around the players with pleas to stay and how much they support them in their decisions.  Vilma is also getting messages of support from fans on the accusations against him as well.  An outpouring that not only the players, but the team needs.

You better believe that the entire organization will need the support of the fans in the upcoming season and years to come.  The “Bounty-Gate” just by itself will no doubt put a damper on the Saints for a long time.

Currently, Who Dat Nation is focused on the upcoming Super Bowl that will be played in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Dreams of the Saints being the first team to host and play in a “home game” Super Bowl are still alive.  But don’t forget the important thing.

That being that it’s the fans that will determine how the Saints recover from these troubled times.  Keep in mind, if a hurricane can’t move the Saints or it’s fans, then there is no reason why this should.  The team will need fan support now more than ever.

A journalist that I respect very much is WWL 870 AM Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic who sent a tweet to me a few days ago that pretty much says it all:

"That’s why I always say love the team, not players.  The Team is constant, the players change.  It’s an unavoidable fact."

Considering the current circumstances, these a excellent words of wisdom for Saints fans who are in despair, “love the team”.  Believe in that and the “Nation” in Who Dat Nation will be as constant as the team.