Support from fans will be crucial for New Orleans Saints in the upcoming season

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Although former Saints players like Darren Sharper deny such a thing happened, it looks like the NFL has made it’s mind up and will likely bring the Saints to the woodshed over it to set a benchmark for other teams.

Then, late yesterday afternoon, it was reported by the Saints that they had placed the franchise tag on Brees since talks were at an impasse.  Since Brees was tagged this meant it couldn’t be used to keep Nicks or Colston from reaching the realms of free agency.

The tag on Brees is an excluive one which means no other teams can talk to him, the only positive thing about it.  On the flip side, the possibility exists now that the Saints could lose not only Colston, but Nicks as well.

The Saints claim that talks are still ongoing with Brees and analysts are saying it was done to have a safety net for the negotiations to continue without him being lured away by another team.  Confusion and chaos has begun by some fans.

Nicks was immediately attacked on Twitter by some fans for saying he is whining too much and being as one put it, “childish”.  Brees was not exempt from critics as some fans wrote he was being “greedy” and “selfish”.  One put that he sees how “he(Brees) really is”.