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Potential landing spots for wide receiver Marques Colston in free agency

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With the New Orleans Saints locking up quarterback Drew Brees with the franchise tag, the focus now will be to sign guard Carl Nicks to a deal that makes him the highest paid guard in the NFL.  That leaves wide receiver Marques Colston waiting for a call that might not come.

Colston has said that the Saints have not contacted him in regards to a new contract which is for good reason.  The franchise was trying to sign Brees to a long-term deal and also worry about having to place the franchise tag on Carl Nicks.

The first shoe fell early this afternoon with the Saints placing the tag on Brees.  Now the Saints will try to satisfy Nicks with a hefty contract while still trying to work with Brees on one as well.  That could leave Colston searching for a new team when free agency starts.

Best case scenario for Colston, but not for the Saints, is that Nicks feels he can get better offers than what the Saints can give and tests the market.  That might leave the team in a situation where they could offer Colston a nice contract.

Notice, “but not for the Saints”, was put in not as a slight towards Colston, but just simply being truthful.  Colston is a very good receiver and has been part of the Saints prolific offense that has set and broke records.

However, Nicks is the more important piece since he protects Brees and allows him to make those magical throws.  Plus, you could throw a rock at the Saints roster and hit a wide receiver they have so many.  Maybe not as well skilled as Colston, but losing him wouldn’t cripple the team.