The Bensons Waited Too Late To Take Charge With Brees

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Boy, what a difference a day makes when you’re dealing with something as volatile as NFL football news. On March 1st the Saints fans were nervous as expected about getting Drew Brees signed, because a lot was riding on the deal. It wasn’t so much worrying about keeping him, we had that in the bag.

The problem was that we could, but didn’t want to use the franchise tag on him. Franchise tags are like your virginity, you get it once, and what you do with it will affect you for a long time. Well, the team screwed the pooch on this one, I was hoping Tom Benson would step in first.

Getting back to the difference a day makes, this article started out differently yesterday. Here’s how it stood this morning:

"You know, it’s funny how things have changed over the years. The Saints have now been around for almost four and a half decades and though that doesn’t make the team “old-timers”, the original fans are starting to be. Every new decade brings a new set of fans, and with each set of new fans another bit of history is lost. Lest we forget, the owner of the New Orleans Saints Tom Benson is the sole reason we still have a team to follow here. Tom was a visionary as well as being the ultimate Saints fan. Admittedly it took him a long time to mature in his decisions, and he’s been known to squeeze a buffalo nickel until the buffalo was a gelding. Dedicated Saints fans were excited when Tom turned loose of the reins a bit and let his daughter Rita Benson take over for a while. Rita has turned out to be as football savvy and business savvy as she is beautiful, and has gained the trust and admiration of the WhoDat Nation as a result. This where the “however” comes in; both of them have backed off the Drew Brees issue up to this point, and that’s what our biggest problem is. There’s a lot at stake, and franchise tags don’t grow on trees. Mickey is choking like Tony Romo placing for the field goal kicker. For whatever reason, Mickey isn’t getting the job done, and it’s damn well time to fish or cut bait."

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