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Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper speaks about “Bounty Rule” allegations

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The sports media came alive this afternoon with reports that the New Orleans Saints paid players to hurt opposing team members, a violation of the “Bounty Rule”.  Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper spoke out about the situation this evening.

Sharper has called the allegations against the Saints, “ridiculous”.  He spoke on NFL Network about what happened during his tenure with the Saints including what he feels happened.

Sharper did admit that he did receive money from his teammates for interceptions and touchdowns, but never received nor did he contribute money for bounties on opposing players.

He made a valid point when speaking that “the math of it doesn’t make sense”.  Sharper was speaking about the fine a player receives for a vicious hit would far outweigh the alleged bounty.

He stated that players in meetings or the lockerrooms would contribute “a couple hundred dollars” for interceptions, sacks, and what he called “a good play”.

Sharper stated that when former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams apologized for participating in a “Pay For Performance” program that’s what it refers to.