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Reggie Wayne could thrive with the New Orleans Saints

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Rumor has it though that Jackson will get the tag to remain with the Chargers, Lloyd wants to re-sign with Rams or the Patriots, and Robinson won’t get away from Dallas.

That leaves Reggie Wayne, the best of the group besides Jackson, and he sure would like good running routes in the Saints black and gold uniform.

Wayne, who spent the last 11 seasons with the Colts, could be an unwelcome visitor at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Colts, under new GM Ryan Grigson with approval of owner Jim Irsay, are expected to draft Andrew Luck with the first pick in the upcoming draft.

That move could spell the end of Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, and also the 33-year old Wayne.

Also the Colts must make the decision cut Manning between now and the March 8th deadline, or pony up a $28 million option bonus to keep him on the roster.

However one thing could hinder the Saints from signing Wayne, and that’s his desire to follow Manning should he sign with another team.

Wherever Peyton goes, Wayne is more than willing to follow.

But being in New Orleans makes a lot of sense — with Drew Brees accuracy — and Wayne’s crisp route running, soft hands, and deep threat speed the combination could have massive potential for years to come.

Wayne caught 862 career passes as a Colt, including 397 in a four-year span from 2007-2010 with Manning.

He could do the same with Brees throwing him the ball, or perhaps have even better production in Sean Payton’s offense.