Reggie Wayne could thrive with the New Orleans Saints

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Receivers are dominating the headlines when it comes to the New Orleans Saints — what will happen with Marques Colston — or for that matter deep threat Robert Meachem once free agency starts.

New Orleans is trying to contend with re-signing Drew Brees to a lucrative multi-year extension.

The process has taken far longer then anyone expected, and with the March 5th deadline looming to franchise tag players, it’s crunch time for both sides.

The hope is of course that the Saints can get Brees’ deal done, at which point they can shift their attention towards re-signing Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks and receiver Marques Coslton.

With the franchise tag still in their back pocket the Saints could conceivably slap it on whichever player they are not able to finalize a new deal with by the deadline.

But all this is wishful thinking, and for all the pleading and finger crossing done by Who Dat Nation, at the end of the day re-signing two out of three could be the most realistic outcome.

On this assumption it would also be realistic to think that the odd-man out would be Colston, as the Saints could likely manufacture his production with other receivers already on the roster.

Then there is always free agency, where receivers such as Brandon Lloyd, Vincent Jackson, Laurent Robinson, and Reggie Wayne could all potentially be playing for a new team in 2012.