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New Orleans Saints and NFL: Top News and Video Clips


"Tight ends are having a dramatic impact on the NFL, but they are getting  hard to find in college football because of the spread offense. They are harder  to find at the NFL scouting combine. Only 14 tight ends are working out for the six days of the combine at Lucas  Oil Stadium, the smallest group other than centers (6). But they are being  evaluated very closely by coaches and general managers who are hoping to unearth  the next Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham — athletic tight ends that have changed  the landscape in the NFL."

"Stepping inside the facility Friday meant something much deeper for Andrew Luck. It marked the first chance to visit his future digs. Barring a completely unexpected twist, Luck will become the new quarterbacking tenant when selected by the Indianapolis Colts with the No. 1 overall pick in April’s NFL Draft. Before then, the icon whose dazzling career helped the franchise generate the public funding necessary to build a new venue must be evicted."

"Aaron Rodgers and Jermichael Finleydidn’t always see eye-to-eye in their first full season together, but the star quarterback is enthused to have the standout tight end back as a teammate. Rodgers tweeted “excited to see … the big fella is back for another two years!” after getting word the Packers signed Finley to a two-year, $14 million contract Feb. 23. Finley responded in kind on Twitter with, “I’m just glad to be back as a target for you. They’re giving me 2 years. Let’s go all the way this year.”"

"Instead, Reese believes the recent comments by Umenyiora might have been “taken out of context.” Umenyiora told Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio on Friday that he would be willing to give the Giants a hometown discount, saying “If it came down to me taking less to stay here, I would,” according to the New York Post. Reese said he understands the motivation behind Umenyiora’s sentiment: He wants to retire having played for only one team."

"A source close to the wide receiver confirmed to Yahoo! Sports on Friday that Moss’ comments weren’t a made-for-TV sound bite and he would accept a non-guaranteed contract. “This is not about money for him, he wants to play,” the source said. “He’ll want to be paid if he makes the team, but nothing up front. He’s not trying to grab a check.”"