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Defensive ends the New Orleans Saints should look at in the 2012 NFL Draft

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Jake Bequette(Arkansas):  Bequette finished his senior year to be voted onto the 2011 All-SEC First Team.  Because of a hamstring injury where he missed three games, he finished the season with 28 tackles with 10.5 for a loss, 10 sacks, and five forced fumbles.

Bequette is a head scratcher because he did well in most games but was held in check in a few others.  Once again, injury may have had something to do with it and shouldn’t be a knock on his athletic ability which is very good.

Bequette played some linebacker at the Senior Bowl and is another “tweener”.  He does need to work on being consistent, but a good line coach can help in that area.  He’s been graded as high as a second round pick and as low as a late fourth round pick.

Andre Branch(Clemson):  Branch finished his senior year being voted onto the 2011 All-ACC First Team.  He finished the season with 72 tackles with 16 for a loss, one forced fumble, and 10.5 sacks.

Branch is okay in the run game but is most well known for his speed when rushing the passer and can defeat blocks easily.  He’s been graded as a first round pick but some have him in the second round as well.