2012 NFL Mock Draft: Justin Blackmon could be the best player in draft

By Editorial Staff
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It’s that time of year time for everyone to release their 2012 NFL Mock Drafts pre-combine.   I honestly think that this is going to be one of the hardest to determine, you never know what teams may do in the first round — or what position holds the most value to any given franchise.

Everyone is caught up in the Andrew Luck, RG III debate, although most that I have seen, including mine, have Andrew Luck going to the Colts number one overall.

What is it with this fascination?  All of the hype around them almost reminds me of the same hype that surrounded Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers.

Smith was drafted high, while Rodgers slid farther down the first round.

Experts can make their claims as to what each team needs, but ultimately only the front office can decide who they draft and where.

At the same time people are missing out on Matt Kalil and Riley Reiff, both have the ability and talent to be superstars at tackle, but which one will go first?

While I honestly think that the St.Louis Rams are going to get the best player in wide receiver Justin Blackmon, he is a phenomenal athlete that will completely change the Rams struggling offense.