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Tight ends the New Orleans Saints should look at in the 2012 NFL Draft

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George Bryan(North Carolina State):  Bryan had an average season with 33 catches for 331 yards and four touchdowns.  But his bread an butter could come from his blocking skills.

Listed at 265 lbs., Bryan was known for his blocking ability while at N.C. State and is just the right size to enter the NFL and be a good blocker.

Listed as being anywhere from a fourth to sixth round pick, Bryan could improve his stock during his Pro Day with some pass catching drills to show he can do both.

Nick Provo(Syracuse):  Provo had 51 catches for 531 yards and seven touchdowns for the season.  His pass catching abilities are very good and he shows discipline in running his routes.  He was selected 2011 All-Big East Conference First Team.

Provo weighs in at 250 lbs. and wouldn’t need to gain much to help with blocking while also being a good receiving threat.  He’s projected to be a fourth or fifth rounder before the NFL Combine.